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Basic API information

Minimal API link:

Information requests

You may use a number of generic API calls to query our servers for information about your account.

License information

The API will respond with the currently active license packed as a json format:

  "exceptions": [],
"id": 1,
"name": "1xsmall",
"monthly_cost": "14.00",
"monthly_credits": "100",
"time_left": "386:31:46",
"time_left_grace": "482:31:46"

The API responds with the currently selected license, the monthly cost in USD and the monthly Credit recharge.

time_left represents the hours:minutes:seconds until the license expires.

time_left_grace represents the time when an unpaid license will be finally shut down.

Wallet information

The API will respond with your current wallet status regarding your available USD and Credits.

"exceptions": [],
"usd": 0.2,
"credit": 10.54



The API URI is made up from a few parameters:

  • user
    GET parameter
    email address
  • credentials
    GET parameter
    api encrypted password
  • job_type
    GET parameter
    defines the API section (for example: info, scrape_google_search, website_tracker)
  • task
    GET parameter
    The API function to be called
  • type
    GET parameter
    The return type ( html, html-embedded, csv, json)
    "json" is always available, the other types depend on the API section and call.
  • json
    GET or POST parameter [optional]
    Additional variables can be encoded as a json object, this makes it possible to supply keyword arrays and similar data easily.
    The variables within the json object can also be supplied as GET or POST parameters in some basic cases