Dashboard Order Developer FAQ

 What is scraping ?
 How to export CSV data ?
 What keywords work best for scraping?
 Why to use a scraping service?
 What does a "!" during scraping mean ?
 How to add more Credits ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Exporting to dedicated Columns in Google Calc / Spreadsheets

It is easily possible to convert the CSV output into a Google Spreadsheet and properly split it into columns.
This way you can easily grep only specific parts (like the URL).

  1. Open Google Spreadsheets (docs.google.com) and start a fresh Spreadsheets document
  2. Use the Clipboard and Paste the whole CSV export page into one Cell of the document
  3. On the bottom right of the pasted data you will find a "Paste Icon", Click it
  4. Select "Split text to columns" and choose "Custom" separator. Enter the '|' Symbol

Now the columns are properly filled.

A similar approach can be done in Microsoft Excel (CSV import with custom column separation)
A similar approach can be done programmatically by using the JSON export format, all programming languages support JSON data.