Dashboard Order Programming FAQ

Available licenses

Name Monthly cost Monthly credits
1xsmall 14.00 USD 100 Credits Order license
2xsmall 28.00 USD 210 Credits Order license
3xsmall 68.00 USD 510 Credits Order license
1xmedium 249.00 USD 2000 Credits Order license
2xmedium 519.00 USD 4400 Credits Order license
3xmedium 999.00 USD 9500 Credits Order license
1xlarge 1945.00 USD 20000 Credits Order license
2xlarge 4599.00 USD 50000 Credits Order license
3xlarge 8999.00 USD 100000 Credits Order license

The right choice

All our licenses provide a specific amount of Credits per month that are used to pay for scraping jobs.

All you need to start is to create a new account, filling out your profile and choose the right license for your project or task.
Payment is made through a recurring PayPal subscription, refunds are not possible but you can cancel the subscription at any moment.

To choose the right license for your task or project the following examples might help:

Scraping Google Search:
To scrape 1000 keywords from Google Search at default priority and 100 results per keyword the cost is 7.2 Credits.

Scraping Bing Search:
To scrape 1000 keywords from Bing Search at default priority and 100 results per keyword the cost is 4.5 Credits.

If you are unsure about the license size it's recommended to use the Dashboard and experiment with the different options and watch the pricing change.
Please note that there is a minimum fee (less than a credit) to start a job, scraping 1 or 100 keywords will lead to the same cost.

Subscriptions and contracts

We currently handle all our billing through PayPal but offer bank transactions as well on custom request.
We automatically pay all PayPal fees, so there is no downside for you as customer from using it.

We currently handle all payments through PayPal subscriptions, those are automatically renewed each month.
You can cancel your subscription at any time, even directly after purchase.
So you will have full control over your payments. However once a payment has been made it's final, we don't refund during a billing month.

If you run into any sort of questions, troubles or problems please create a support ticket.