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Scraped keywords
3.118.766 past 24 hours
~151.817.052 past month

Scraping and data analysis by and for professionals

  • Scrape Bing and Google SERPs and Knowledge-graph, no limits
  • Keyword analytics - search volume, keyword ideas, Google autocomplete spider
  • Keyword tracker - website traffic, SEO and SEM analyzation
  • Linkedin profiles - hundreds of millions up to date profiles
  • Make your business smarter by implementing our API

Professional Linkedin scraping

Hundreds of millions Linkedin profiles up to date

Get the spice for prospecting, lead research, email marketing and educational studies

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Linkedin data extraction at large scale

  • Up to half a million additional profiles added every day
  • 386+ million user profiles, regularly updated
  • 20+ million company profiles, regularly updated
  • Profiles from 251 different countries and 120,000 cities
  • LinkedIn profiles from 50 million different jobs
  • Exported in clean JSON format, easy to further process

Contact sales

We currently provide data manually, professional clients receive customized API access

Keyword rank tracking

Monitor all your keyword ranking changes, hourly to monthly, up to 1000 results deep

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Keyword tracker - Website reach

Notice SEO progress instantly, the Website Reach

The Website Reach is the new heart of our keyword monitoring service.
A fused report, carefully calculated, showing the reach of your websites

Keyword analytics

Broad and exact match search volumes, trends, keyword ideas, country distribution a powerful Google autocomplete spider and more

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Keyword analytics - detail page

Analyze from one to a million keywords

Get accurate search volume, country shares, trends and up to 20,000 keyword ideas from our integrated Google autocomplete spider


Keyword analytics - overview

Professional precision

Highly accurate search volume, powered by machine learning technology


Keyword analytics - API

Integration made simple

Integrate large scale keyword analyzation into your service in a few lines of code.

Let's get you started

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