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Basic API information

Minimal API link:

Streaming Export 

The new API export method allows to skip the pagination for Google Search, Knowledge, Image and Bing Search results.
The Export pricing is identical to API->get_results(), 0.01 Credits per 50 keywords

Initiating export is identical to intiating the API:

Available export parameters:
  • user [required]
    your login email address
  • credentials [required]
    your API key
  • job_type [required] [string]
    • scrape_google_search
    • scrape_bing_search
  • export_format or type [required] [string]
    • csv
      Tabulator CSV format, recommended for importing into Excel or Google Sheets
    • json
      JSON format, recommended for databases and programming languages
  • jobname [required]
    The name of the job to export
  • results_per_keyword_quantity [optional]
    Optionally limit the number of results per keyword
  • start [optional] [numeric]
    Optionally define a start id to skip a certain number of records.
    This may be used to continue an incomplete export or enable pagination
  • limit [optional] [numeric]
    Optionally limit the amount of keywords exported (to be used together with 'start')
  • download [optional] [string]
    set download to send a file download header (browsers will initiate a file download)
    set download to a value to define the filename
  • human_readable [optional] [boolean]
    set human_readable to true to output JSON data in a pretty format without escaped slashes

Export results:
Json example:

    "header": {
        "jobname": "testjob_2018",
        "type": "scrape_bing_search",
        "start": 1,
        "total_results_available": 31,
        "results_per_keyword_quantity": 1
{ "count_organic": 8, "count_creative": 4, "language": "en", "country": "us", "keyword": "best rank checker", "resultstats": { "1": 1310000 }, "is_broad_match": false, "results_organic": [ { "url": "", "title": "5 Excellent Websites for Checking Google Keyword RankingsSEMrushBuilding Backlinks", "description": "5 Excellent Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings. ... SEOCentro Rank Checker. SEOCentro is one of the best keyword checking tools I have found to date.", "facts": [], "page": 1 } ], "results_creative": [ { "url": "", "title": "Best Rank Checker Tool - Control your rankings.", "description": "Ad · semrush.comDiscover your competitors, improve your SEO and compete. Free trial!SEMrush Position TrackingTop 100 SERP results · >1 million users · Featured Snippets Report", "facts": [], "page": 1 } ], "result_knowledge": null, "job_id": 1 }

The results are identical to API->get_results() with an additional value 'job_id' that contains the internal id of the keyword (to be used with limit and start parameters).
Each JSON object is separated by a newline '\n' character.