Dashboard Order Programming FAQ

Scraping.Services - powerful scraping at your fingertips

You have to scrape Google or Bing Search results? With our service that's as simple as writing an email.

Scraping.Services provides you with endless scraping capabilities, either through our website or fully integrated into your service.

It does not matter if you have a one time job, periodic refreshes or a permanently ongoing scraping project.

You can scrape search engine results easily through our Dashboard or fully automated through our simple but powerful API.

Scraping Google Search and Bing

Normally to scrape Google Search or Bing reliable a lot of continued effort is required.

Even a very careful and professional maintained project will be a continued source of trouble and work.


This is where we come into play: By using our service it becomes a trivial task to scrape keywords from Search Engines.
It does not matter if you need 1, 1000 or 100.000 keywords analyzed. 


Our service allows to scrape almost limitless from any localization and in any programming language of your choice.

Our convenient webtool allows to scrape manually, by uploading keywords and downloading results.

Our powerful API allows to easily enable your website, server or tool to scrape Google and retrieve the results fully automated.

Out pricing is low, you can scrape thousands of keyword result pages for just a few USD.

Scraping Google Knowledge

We've added Google Knowledge data into our json results.

This is a very powerful feature and allows you to search for Persons, Attractions, Cities and Countries, Books and Movies, Companies, Restaurants or just the local weather all around the world.

We have prepared a few examples on our API documentation page


The Scraping Dashboard

For manual Google searches our simple Google Scraper Dashboard allows to scrape any amount of keywords without any hassle.

An identical Dashboard is available for scraping Bing results.

All that is required is a list or file with keywords and some Credits on your account wallet.

The process is so easy, it's a matter of minutes from providing keywords to downloading results.

Take a look at this screencast and watch how to scrape 1000 keywords within just 90 seconds.

Of course it is possible to fully automate all these actions.

Our HTTPs based API is an easy method to bring powerful scraping capabilities to your tools, backend or website.


Our API is designed to be implemented as fast as possible. Even unexperienced programmers should not run into difficulties.

Our customer support will handle any questions about scraping and programming you might have.

We also provide free open source code examples that may be used as codebase for your projects.

As a developer it is most important to learn how to automatically use our services.

Our API can easily be utilized by any programming language, we also provide free source code written in PHP and Python.
You can literally get started and receive first results within a few minutes.

Take a look at the following screencast that shows how to scrape Google Search fully automated from a server environment.

The source code used in this video is available for free at our API section.


We use a decentralized scraping backend capable to scrape millions of results per hour.

Scraping.Services is focused on providing a professional environment and production stability.


Our developers have many years of deep experience into scraping and data analysis, it makes sense to rely on our

knowledge in comparison to building everything up on your own.

Thousands of problems have been identified and corrected in the past years to deliver a well working experience.


The large majority of projects will be fine to solely rely on our service.

However, for highest reliability we recommend to implement a backup solution (http://scraping.compunect.com) and rely
on our service for the every-day work. Similar to a fallback powersupply built into industrial servers.


You will find that our service is likely a great reduction in cost in comparison to traditional DIY approaches.

Maintaining servers, high quality proxies and up to date source code usually turns out to be less cost efficient.

Also regular issues will come up that put a self made solution offline while our service is very stable.