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Resolve e-mail addresses to accurate person profiles

  • Convert your newsletters or stale CRM entries into glowing contacts
  • Learn everything about the person behind a professional email address
  • Learn everything about the company this employee is working at
  • Our service is powered by the worlds best reverse algorithms.
  • Implement our service easily into your project by API or just upload a CSV file here

Reverse lookup of email-addresses into person profiles


Provide a business/company email address you wish to analyze.

Our reverse lookup for professional type email addresses is a multi-stage analysis:

  • Stage 1) We analyze the email address itself
    • We analyze the pattern, for example: Sa*yaN@mic* is analyzed as {first}{l}
    • We reverse the email domain into company name, public stock tickers, address, description, phone #, industry and more.
  • Stage 2) We analyze an optional supplied name
    • You may optionally supply a full name or first, middle and last name alongside the email address to increase matching rates.
    • When supplying a full name we analyze the name, remove any non-name related parts and split it into {first}, {middle}, {last} and {titles} such as "Dr."
  • Stage 3) We search for this person through our entire employee database of 450+ million employees worldwide.
    • We will detect if this person is working in the detected company, we will also detect if there are multiple similar named persons employed.
  • Stage 4) If no match was found we continue to search through 50 years of employment history from all people with this exact name.
    • We will detect if a person was working in the detected company, we will also detect if there were multiple similar named persons employed.
  • All results are exported as JSON object
    • You can choose between three different export detail grades that are differently priced.
      • Minimal: Name, job title, company name, optional historic company name are exported.
      • Medium: Name, location, full company profile, optional historic company profile, job title are exported.
      • Full: Every detail available about the current company, optional historic company and the person including full work history, education, skills and hobbies.
      • All exports always contain the email pattern and fullname analysis
  • API cost is deducted
    • Using our service costs 0.5 Credits for any request plus 1.0 Credits for each matched person profile, that sums up to a fully matched result at 1.5 Credits.
    • Custom pricing for large scale use is available upon request. contact our helpdesk

API documentation

You can get started immediately, order a credit package and use our API. It takes just a few minutes to get started.

Email to Contact API documentation

Full query example

Exports are available as human and machine readable JSON objects. This format can be parsed and imported into your database or used directly with a few single lines of source code.

The below example is human readable JSON for Sa* (Sa*ya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft Corp)