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B2B Datalead examples

The following profiles are from our partner Datalead, supported by technology.

Corine Perenboom Corine Perenboom at Wageningen University & Research
Jack Huang Jack Huang at Regional Sales Manager
Huda Falih Huda Falih at Ams
Amna Alraeesi Amna Alraeesi at Al Ain University Of Science And Technology
Melissa Tudor Melissa Tudor at Airplus International
Corinna Weber Corinna Weber at Evonik
Misael Palmero Misael Palmero at Nokia
Connor Long Connor Long at The University Of Colorado Boulder
Esther Vinsonesther Esther Vinsonesther at Airasia
Gayatri Patil Gayatri Patil at R. C. Patel Institute Of Technology, Shirpur
Satya Kotta Satya Kotta at Marketing And Hr
Mary Mwangi Mary Mwangi at Kenyatta University
Marcos Rocha Marcos Rocha at Scania Latin America
Hendrix Hendricks Hendrix Hendricks at Steve Madden
Fatima Fa Fatima Fa at Saxion University Of Applied Sciences
Georgiana Dragomir Georgiana Dragomir at Enel România
Nathan Wall Nathan Wall at University Of Lincoln
Bhushan Nikam Bhushan Nikam at Global Market Insight
Matthew Fischer Matthew Fischer at Insightsoftware
Carlos Lopez Carlos Lopez at Draexlmaier Automotive Of America
Junior Paluku Junior Paluku at Bouygues Energies & Services
Tobi Obadiah Tobi Obadiah at Handy Services
Spencer Jorgenson Spencer Jorgenson at Smc Ltd.
Marek Sulewski Marek Sulewski at Aptiv
Mohammad Miah Mohammad Miah at Mir Cement Ltd.
Katherine Robie Katherine Robie at Anderson Growth Partners
Amy Aiello Amy Aiello at Odgers Berndtson
Abdallah Abdallah Abdallah Abdallah at Santa Barbara City College
Nicole Ertl Nicole Ertl at Deloitte Österreich
Clare Fox Clare Fox at The Information Lab