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 What is scraping ?
 How to export CSV data ?
 What keywords work best for scraping?
 Why to use a scraping service?
 What does a "!" during scraping mean ?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Scraping as a service in comparison to scraping on your own

When it comes to scraping developers always face a difficult technical challenge.

Large scaled web services, such as Google, use sophisticated detection algorithms to prevent automated access of their databases.

Such systems may include self-learning neural networks that can detect unusual activity.


In the case of Google we have seen world-wide bans on similar groups of keywords, this proofs that the Google detection is independent of the selected language, country or Google domain.

How Google detects scraping activity and automated access

Google, as well as other large websites, detect automated activity by a range of indicators.

This list sounds easier than it actually is. There are many different HTTP headers, all of them together play a role.

A few examples:

What happens when scraping is detected

Bing is usually a bit easier on detection than Google, Google provides the most valuable search results and the most difficult results to be scraped.

Taking Google for example, there are different levels of detection:

Scraping as a service instead of a selfmade solution

Even with high funding a scraping self-solution can be a continued source of trouble.
Instead of continuously working on an own solution scraping.services delivers a well working and reliable solution.

Our service can be integrated into custom projects without any hassle and even be used without any programming knowhow through the web based frontends.
We know how to easily manage millions of keywords a day and our engineers keep the service quality permanently watched.