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Keyword Analytics


Professional Keyword Analyzer and keyword ideas generation

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Our keyword analyzation service is able to analyze small and large amounts of keywords with short response times.

We have invested many months of research  to make this tool as powerful and exact as possible.

There is a real AI (machine learning) working in the background to solve some tasks we've not been able to do on our own.

Within seconds first results are available and we can handle a huge amount of keywords at quite low prices.

And best of all: you can even completely automated it and power your own service.

Our keyword analyzer fills the gaps Google has left open, we can deliver essential Google does not offer (anymore).

The most important results include

  • Accurate monthly search volume
    • Broad match search volume
      A highly demanded piece of data since removal from "Adwords Keyword Planner".
      We provide a highly accurate broad match search volume.
      "broad match" means that any organic searches are included that contain this keyword/phrase.
      For example: "iphone" broad search volume will contain all organic searches that contained the word "iphone"
    • Exact match search volume
      Another highly demanded information, not available in "Adwords Keyword Planner" anymore!
      Google has decided to remove exact matches, instead they are grouping up keywords. Including plural/singular/typos.
      We deliver the "exact match" search volume for only the keyword/phrase you've entered, without considering groups or typos.
      For example: "iphone" exact match search volume will contain all organic searches that searched for exactly this word.

  • Monthly trends
    We provide the monthly search volume (exact and broad) as well as the percentage of searches by month.
    On our webtool this is available as table and interactive chart.
  • Website density
    This shows how competitive the keyword is for normal organic searches.
  • Country shares
    We provide details about each country where a search term is relevant and provide exact and broad match search volumes.

  • Trending organic keyword suggestions
    Up to 25 highly related keywords and phrases

  • Rising organic keyword suggestions
    Up to 25 highly related keywords and phrases that are gaining importance

  • Organic keyword ideas
    From 20 to 20,000 keyword ideas based on a recursive and iterating Google-autocomplete spider!
    We offer several different spidering modes to choose from to expand a single keyword into up to 20,000 organic related keywords.
    Up to 20 keyword ideas (the basic autocomplete response) are always included free of charge.
    You can find short and long tail keyword ideas that are without any competition.
    This is also a powerful tool to research what people actually have in mind about a keyword, from political to shopping.

All information can easily be exported into CSV or JSON format.

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