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Credit cost and Top-Up

Credit cost and adding more credits

An interactive pricing table is available at our Order page, click the 'View credit cost' link.

Also you may register an account and create a scraping job, to see the Credit cost.

To use you always need to have an active license.
A license is billed once per month and adds a certain amount of Credits to your wallet.

You always have the option to upgrade your license to a larger variant, upgrading will immediately increase Credits.
The benefit of upgrading is a lower price per Credit, the largest license is discounted by 35% in comparison to the smallest one.

Another option is to use the "Top-up" feature.
At the billing page you will find a link to send a payment at the price of 30% of your current monthly fee.
Once your USD wallet shows the funds the Top-up feature allows to add either 3x10% or 1x30% Credits.