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Keyword rank tracking


A short introduction to professional keyword rank monitoring

When running a business it is simply essential to track the keyword rankings of its affiliated websites.

Up to hundreds or even thousands of competitive keywords might be relevant for a company, it is impossible track this manually.

By tracking all keywords regularly a website owner knows where to apply SEO and if invested SEO is actually effective.


For a business owner who is investing into SEM and SEO it is a wise decision to monitor the progress independently.

For a SEO business the data we provide allows to show all the positive changes and trends to their clients.

There are quite a few rank tracking services available, a large majority of them do not show proper rankings or don't work reliable at all.

Some reputable large tracking services do work reliable but they mainly focus on a large amount of general keywords.

This approach might sound logical at first but even a generalized huge set with millions of keywords will miss out important ones.


Our service allows to track all relevant keywords in fine details to see the real reach a website does have on search engines.



Main features of the keyword rank tracker

  • Tracking up to 500 keywords, 20 websites, 20 competition websites per project
  • Unlimited projects
  • Bing and Google rankings included
  • SEM analysis, find all competitive advertisements and track their occurrence frequency and rankings
  • Competition analysis, keep an eye on the rankings of your competition as well!
  • Tracking keywords hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on demand
  • Scraping up to 1000 results deep per keyword
  • Get accurate local SERP rankings from any country and language of your choice
  • Lots of different reports including trends, tables and many charts
  • Fully programmable! Charts, raw data, trends can also be accessed through an API.
    Everything you can see, modify and manage on this website is also possible fully automated through the API.


Example chart:
Chart demo 1