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Scraping.Services API documentation

We provide various APIs, all designed to be used quickly and to be compatible with almost any programming language.
Most API calls can be tested directly from your browser.

Scraping Google

Our Google scraping API allows to scrape hundred thousands of keywords/keyphrases from 250 countries.

In addition it allows to obtain business and locality information from Google Knowledgegraph sections.

In addition you can use localized search on city level resolution or search for images instead of usual SERP results.

Scraping Bing

Just as Google you can scrape from Bing, the very same source code can be used with minimal changes.

Scraping business and company data

We provide detailed company records from our unqiue and daily updated database of more than 23 million company HQs.

You may search companies by name or by website and other search criteria can be made available as a custom solution.

Employee / person data searches

We provide data from nearly half a billion of profiles, hundreds being updated every minute to keep the information as current as possible.

While most of our employee APIs are still private/custom only, email reverse queries are available as public API.

We work on providing more public APIs, if you need a solution please contact our helpdesk.

Not a developer?

Demonstration of our email to employee-contact service

Scrape Google by web-tool
Scrape Bing by web-tool

API documentation

We use cURL and URL examples during most of the documentation.
We also provide PHP and Python source code examples to help you get started quickly.